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Efforts to Preserve Earth’s Environment

The environment encompasses all living things in a specific area of land and water, forming ecosystems. Unfortunately, human actions have led to the gradual pollution of Earth’s environment. Harmful substances from various sources are causing adverse changes, leading to pollution and its detrimental effects. To combat this, steps are being taken to reduce pollution and protect the environment, known as environmental protection measures.

Environmental protection aims to safeguard the natural environment for the benefit of plants, animals, and humans. With the rapid development and increasing population, the environment was often neglected. However, awareness has grown about the importance of environmental preservation. Precautions are being taken during the production and usage of products to address waste pollution, air pollution, and other harmful forms of pollution that affect all life forms.

Many species of animals and plants have already gone extinct due to pollution, highlighting the need to protect and preserve the remaining species. Governments and NGOs have played a crucial role in raising awareness about environmental damage and its potential impact. To achieve this, environmental education has been promoted, involving teaching people how the environment functions. Schools, colleges, and media channels have contributed to spreading awareness about pollution and sustainable practices.

Another significant step has been promoting the production of environmentally friendly products. These products, also known as eco-friendly, nature-friendly, or green products, are designed to minimize harm to the environment. While they might be more expensive due to production costs, increased awareness has encouraged people to choose these products, contributing to a cleaner environment.

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